Depending on you requests and, most of all, your needs, we design all necessary ATL and BTL materials. Especially for you we design posters, adverts, brochures, leaflets, POS materials, etc.

Ads and billboards design ...


We designed a series of packaging for  products of the brand Bio.

OPEL invitation – for  a new model presentation

ROWENTA invitation  cards for journalists for  a new model presentation

Dveri-Pax, creative design of a campaign with ads, brochures, flyjers and events

Lottery Slovenia,  design of lotto tickets

Websites - Concept and design

Brochures, catalogs, magazines, Christmas cards ...


Last August days were for all lovers of astrology very interesting, because many shooting stars flew over the sky, just as they were enthusiastic guests of the event, which was at the pre-premiere presentation of the new Opel Astra held in Krvavec, high under the stars.
are served with dinner in the air in a cable car on the way to the Krvavec. On the top of Krvavec in the music humorous atmosphere, in the company of Peter Poles and Tine Gorenjak a new star who won the Slovenian roads in late autumn was introduced - the new Opel Astra! Straight wonderful gathering of stars among the stars!
The first weekend of September, representatives of the wine cellar Dveri-Pax from Jarenina wide openet their doors to all those who know what a good drop of wine is. 
Another great event on Ugar property - " Careless holidays with Opel”

Ten years of cellar Dveri-Pax - another fantastic traditional adventure day in the company of wine and social media representatives.

We presented the new road seductress "Opel Cascada" to automotive media representatives

Eter 2013
Production: MMVisual